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Mosque Building Project

Thara Welfare Trust is in need of additional funding for the Mosque Building Project.


Here's your to contribute towards building a place of worship for our Muslim brothers in deprived areas.

FREE Ambulance Service

Thara Welfare Trust is providing, a FREE ambulance service in villages in the Andrahl region of Kashmir and in Pakistan.


The trust needs your donations and support to continue providing ambulances.

Help for Marriages

It is tragic that some poor people in Pakistan are incapable of performing such a sacred obligation like marriage of Read Moretheir daughter(s).


Our aim is to provide help to girls facing marriage problems. 

Water Tube Wells

The Trust is installing tube wells in places where it is most beneficial. Several locations in Pakistan are Read Morebenifitting from this project. 


Currently the trust is working in Sindh where there are areas in desperate need.

Water Hand Pumps

Thara Welfare Trust has always been mindful of providing are benifitting residents of affected areas withRead More clean drinking water.


One of the quick and easy ways to install water Hand Pumps.

Water Coolers

In Pakistan 52% population does not have clean water. Many people are taking water from far-flung areas, which create lot of problems for them.


Our aim to to to provide clean water to maximum population of Pakistan & Kashmir.

Eye Operations

Cataract, river blindness and trachoma are all widespread in the developing world, and can regularly be cured or prevented through simple, cost effective means.


Our aim is to provide help to fund eye operations..

Education Help

Education provides the key to a better future, helping people to fulfil their potential and pursue their goals in life.


We aim to improve school infrastructure, ranging from boundary walls to new classrooms, library and playgrounds.

Relief of Financial Hardship

We strive to provide relief of financial hardship.


Generally or individually, our aim is to provide or pay for items, services or facilities which the needy cannot otherwise afford through lack of financial means.

Natural Disasters

Relief of financial need and suffering among victims of war or natural or other kinds of disaster, trouble or catastrophe in the form of money (or other means deemed suitable) for persons, bodies, organisations and / or countries.

Water Wells

Diseases from drinking unsafe water kill more people every year than all forms of violence. Children are especially at risk.


A  fresh water well will mean women are free to pursue new opportunities and improve their families’ lives.

Food Packages

TWT recognises the importance of supporting the poor and needy during Eid and other festivals.


It is our duty to support the poor and needy during such festive times to allow them enjoy the festivities of Eid.

Medicine and Equipment to Dispensaries


The Trust has supported many poor people suffering from major illnesses including life threatening illnesses. 


The trust supports the poor and needy in providing medicines and financially assisting in medical operations.


The Trust is delivering hope, mobility, and freedom to people with physical disabilities. We aim to deliver a wheelchair to children, and adults in need.


Your donation will help support our mission to provide mobility to a person.

Qurbani and Sadaqah

Qurbani is an important act of charity because it provides the poor and disadvantaged with meat, normally not a part of their everyday diet.


The trust finds the most deserving recipients and organises distribution of meat.

House Building help for the Poor

There are a number of house building projects that the Trust has undertaken to provide new and renovated buildings.


By donating for this project you will be helping some of the poorest people in the country.

Child Deliveries

The Trust supports pregnant women to ensure that they receive good quality antenatal care, financial assistance and a safe delivery.


By supporting this project you will ensure women have access to a trained birth attendant.

Child Sponsorship

By supporting this project you can change the life of a child forever. You can sponsor a child for just £1 a day.


You will be given details of your sponsored child so you can find out more about them.

Dead Body Cool Storage

The Trust provides support to families at the death of a close family member when the body is to be taken to Pakistan.


We provide cool storage and transportation from airport to the place of burial.

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