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Regular Monthly Rations

Thara Welfare Trust has organised regular monthly rations for poor and needy widows.


The Trust invites the needy on site regularly to gain information about their ration requirements. Where the elderly or disabled cannot come to us we visit them in their homes and provide them with a monthly package.

We also arrange Ramadan food packages for hundreds of poor people.

Below is a breakdown of the monthly ration package items.

Breakdown of Monthly Ration Package Items

Wheat flour: 25kg, Rice: 10kg

Sugar: 4kg, Tea: 1kg

Daal: 5kg, Milk: 15 packets

Salt: 1kg, Chillies: 3 packets

Masala Mix: 0.5kg, Saviyan: 5 packets

Oil: 4kg

Items which make up this monthly ration package cost £40. This package is sufficient for around 5 to 6 members of a family.

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