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A message from the Chairman

In 1998 my older brother died in England. My parents were in Pakistan. I decided to transport my brother's body to Pakistan. When I reached the airport in Pakistan, my relatives had arrived with a Toyota Hiace mini bus to take us to our village in Thara, Azad Kashmir. it was not an ideal form of transport to carry the coffin because there was no space inside. The only available option was to place the coffin on the roof rack of the vehicle. This was risky because there was a fear that the bumpy ride to our village would cause the box to dislodge and fall off the roof. We had to make frequent stops to check to make sure the box was secure on the roof rack. It was a terrifying experience which created an urge for me to start a FREE service to transport body boxes from the airport to far away villages safely and securely. 

In remote village areas lack of access to proper medical facilitates means that women with pregnancy complications cannot get the help they need on time. It can take hours to reach the nearest hospital. In emergency situations it is a life threatening experience for the mother and child. Lack of a proper transport service, patients suffer a great deal more pain due to the delay in gaining medical treatment. Pregnant women sometimes lose their lives as well as the child they are carrying. Also, victims of accidents in these remote areas are not able to get immediate medical help to keep them alive. People become disabled or are scarred for life.

In 2005 an earthquake occurred in Azad Kashmir. It was a deadly earthquake to hit this area, affecting the three main districts including Muzaffarabad, which was hit the hardest in terms of casualties and destruction. It cause death to thousands of people. Touched by the suffering in earthquake affected regions of Azad Kashmir, I registered Thara Welfare Trust as a charity in 2006 and started the fund raising  with the aim to provide relief and to work with other relief and charitable organisations.

Since then, by the grace of Allah and with your support, the Trust has been providing a FREE ambulance services in villages in the Andrahl region of Kashmir and this service has proved to be of great benefit for the poor. With your donations and support, in sha Allah, the Trust will continue it's work in these areas.


Thara Welfare Trust

Kathar Road, Sandal Bazaar, Sandal, Thara

Azad Kashmir


Head Office

Thara Welfare Trust

6 Whitelands Road

High Wycombe, Bucks. HP12 3EQ


Thara Welfare Trust

Registered in January 2006 and touched by the ever increasing suffering in remote areas and in afflicted regions such as Kashmir despite funding and pledges by multi national relief operations.

We aim to provide relief to neglected regions as well as work with other relief and charitable organizations in making the world a better place for afflicted persons.

Reaching out to the poor

We have erected information signs in different parts of the country providing details for people to contact us when they need an ambulance.


We have tried to reach out to remote areas so people can be aware of the sevices we provide.  


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