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Medicines and Equipment for Dispensaries

One of the biggest problems in our country is the lack of funds to finance much needed medicines and costly laboratory tests. The village dispensaries are unable to effectively cope with the basic medical needs of the people. There are numerous dispensaries which are in dire need of medicines and equipment. 

Thara Welfare Trust is providing FREE medicine and equipment to dispensaries where a large number of poor patients are benifiting

The trust needs your donations and support to continue this work in such areas.


The Trust has been trying its best to accommodate this need by providing medicines and equipment to dispensaries. These efforts are not enough to cover the needs of hundreds of patients who cannot afford to buy their own medicines and pay for the cost of laboratory tests. 

The Trust has answered the needs of some of these patients but this is only a tip of the iceberg. We need more funds so that we can continue with this work and save poor peoples lives.

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