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Water Coolers

Thara Welfare Trust is installing water coolers where there is a requirement for clean cool drinking water.

Each water cooler costs around £500 which includes installation, grill enclosure and regular maintenance. The trust needs your donations and support to continuethis work so the general public can benefit from this.

The Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said: “The best form of charity is giving someone water (to drink)” (Ahmad, An-Nasaa’i and Ibn Maajah).


Many individuals have donated water coolers for the Ehsale Sawaab of family members who have passed away. When this is so the name of the individual is always placed on the coolers. 
Under extremely hot temperatures many people particularly the poor find it immensely difficult to find ‘cool’ water to alleviate their thirst. The Trust has placed many water coolers in areas accessible to local people. A number have been placed in masjids, madarasas, public areas, schools, hospitals, dispensaries and other buildings to provide cool water.

Water Filters

The Trust installs water filters in masajid, schools, dispensaries, orphan centres and the other poor people.


Water is normally taken from wells and then stored in tanks where impurities can enter the water making it unsuitable for drinking. Fitting a water filter makes the water safe to use.

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Many individuals have donated for the Ehsale Sawaab of family members who have passed away. The names are displayed on a plaque.

There is also an option not to have a name plate


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