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Zakat-ul-Fitr (Fitrana) £7 person

Fitrana is an obligation and it must be given before the end of the month of Ramadan, and at the very latest, before Eid-ul-Fitr prayer. 

Fitrana is compulsory on all Muslims regardless of age or financial standing. An exemption is for those who do not have one sa’ (approximately 2.6 – 3kg) of their staple food in excess of their needs.


The head of the household is responsible to pay for those under their care, which includes children.


Iftari Langar (£350)

The Trust has been arranging iftari for the whole of Ramadan month. Everyone is welcome to come and break their fast. We cater for around 200 to 300 people every iftari time. 


This has been very successful in in previous years and we hope to continue this year as well. With your donations, the poor and needy can have a nutritious meal at every iftari this Ramadan. The iftari langar is provided in interior Sindh and Tharparkar in Pakistan costs £350 each time.


Special Ramadan Package (£50)

Thara Welfare Trust has previously organised regular monthly rations for poor and needy and widows for the month of Ramadan.

The Trust invites the needy on site regularly to gain information about their Ramadan ration requirements. Hundreds of people have benefited from this in the past. Where the elderly or disabled cannot come to us we visit them in their homes and provide them with a package sufficient for the whole month in Ramadan.​ Special Ramadan Package costs £50.


Fidya and Kaffarah

FIDYA: If you cannot fast in Ramadan and you are not able to make up the lost days afterwards due to ill health or old age etc., then you should pay Fidya at the cost of £7 for each day of fasting that has been missed. 

KAFFARAH: If you deliberately break a fast in Ramadan without a valid reason, you you must fast continuously for 60 days to make up for it. If you are unable to do that, then you should feed 60 poor people. At the rate of £7 per person this amounts to £420.


Regular Ration During Ramadan (£50)

Breakdown of Monthly Ration Package Items

Wheat flour: 25kg, Rice: 10kg, Sugar: 4kg, Tea: 1kg

Daal: 6kg, Milk: 20 packets, Salt: 1kg, Chillies: 3 packets

Masala Mix: 0.5kg,

Saviyan: 5 packets

Oil: 5kg, Dates: 4kg, Sharbat: 5 bottles

​Items which make up this Ramadan ration package cost £50.

This package is sufficient for around 5 to 6 members of a family for the whole month of Ramadan.

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